1. Which type of psychotherapy is right for me?

When looking for a psychotherapist, the most important thing is that you feel natural and good about being with your therapist. You feel that you can be yourself, talk freely and laugh or cry or be silent on the sofa in the way that feels natural to you. However, there are also differences between psychotherapy approaches, and some of them will probably suit you better than others. You can find information about different psychotherapy orientations in Finland, e.g., on the Minduu site (only in Finnish):


Therapists of many approaches other than trauma psychotherapy may also have trauma expertise, often either as part of their basic training, psychotherapy training or as various supplementary trainings. 

2. How do I know if the therapist is really a psychotherapist?

Psychotherapist is a health care professional title for a person who provides psychotherapy. The title is protected by law in Finland and can only be used by persons with appropriate training and approved by Valvira. In the JulkiTerhikki database, you can check whether the (psycho)therapist is legalized by Valvira, the Social and Health Licensing and Control Agency. If she/he cannot be found in the database, this is not the case, and in that case you cannot receive compensation from KELA for your therapy either.


All psychotherapists accepted by KELA as service providers can be found in the service provider search:


3. How can I find out the basic training of a psychotherapist?

Psychotherapy training is a training that supplements previous professional skills. People with a wide range of work experience and basic education work as psychotherapists. The training of each psychotherapist is best understood in most cases by asking him/herself.

If the psychotherapist has a basic education in the field of healthcare (e.g. psychologist, doctor or nurse), this information can be found in the JulkiTerhikki database:


4. All your psychotherapy slots are full. Can I stay in waiting list?

If you want me to contact you when places become available, fill out the contact form and tell me that you want to wait for a psychotherapy place to become available.

5. Do you do trauma psychotherapy remotely?

As a rule, I don't. 

Most trauma psychotherapeutic methods are safer, or at least more natural to implement, by being present in the same space. In longer psychotherapies, individual meetings due to e.g. business trips or illness can also be arranged with a secure remote connection provided by Minduu.

6. How do I access KELA-supported psychotherapy? 

Instructions for this can be found on KELA's website:


7. Will I receive compensation from KELA for the assessment visit? Can the assessment be done remotely or over the phone?

It is not possible to receive compensation from KELA for the assessment visit. It is also not possible to do the assessment remotely or on phone. All client relationships begin with a face-to-face meeting. 

8. I have applied for rehabilitation psychotherapy, but KELA has not made a decision yet. Can I still start therapy?

If you want, you can start therapy, even if the decision has not been made yet. In this case, the full price will be charged for therapy sessions (€95 / 45 min or €190 / 90 min) and you can apply for compensation yourself afterwards, if you get a positive decision from KELA (KELA form KU204: (https://www. kela.fi/benefit-forms/KU204.pdf/)

9. I have a payment commitment from the insurance company for EMDR therapy, how should I proceed?

Fill out the contact form, tell me briefly about your situation and I will contact you. 

10. Can I come to psychotherapy at my own expense?

If for some reason you do not want or are not entitled to apply for psychotherapy support from KELA or an insurance company, you can also attend psychotherapy at your own expense. The psychotherapy session price is then €90 / 45 min or €180 / 90 min.

11. How can I apply for free (pro bono) EMDR therapy for my client/patient or for myself?

I offer free crisis psychotherapy (EMDR therapy) to one person seeking asylum in Finland who is excluded from social security at a time. Interpreter services must be arranged by the sending entity or client. If you would like this opportunity for your client or for yourself, fill out the contact form. I hope that the aforementioned delimitation is respected when contacting.

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