KELA rehabilitation psychotherapy 

Deductible price

10% discount for students

37,40€ / 45 min

74,80€ / 90 min

EMDR Therapy

For individual traumatic experiences, reimbursed by the insurance company

 or paid by yourself. Usually 3-10 therapy sessions. 

200€ / 90 min

Assessment session

All client relationships begin with an assessment session. 

10 % discount for students 

95€ / 45 min

Pro Bono

I offer free crisis psychotherapy (EMDR therapy) to one person seeking asylum in Finland who is excluded from social security at a time. Interpreter services must be arranged by the sending entity or client. If you would like this opportunity for your client or for yourself, fill out the contact form. I hope that the aforementioned delimitation is respected when contacting.